Et on fait tourner les vinyls !

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The HU – Through The Never

ジェニーハイGenie High -「卓球モンキー」

Natural Lag - Determination (from Natural Lag Online Live Tour 2020)

BRAHMAN - 「 Slow Dance 」

LAMP IN TERREN - ニューワールド・ガイダンス New World Guidance



Animals - Oneohtrix point never.

"We sit on the side
And observe all the animals.
I try not to laugh
'Cause I know
It's the end of us.

I fry from the heat
But the sun
Isn't killing me.
We run from our death;
When we cum
Are we really free?

Primal rage.
Life in a cage
It's nothing
(I can live)
You sit in your throne
You decide
"Off with his head"
She kneels at your feet
She feels cold;
"Something more to eat?"
Queen dies in her sleep.

There's no time.
King must not weep.
We look at our phone
Every morning.
Battery is dead.

Kiss the sky.
Tear in your eye.
It's nothing
I can live without."